About Us

Your presence on this page means your interest in our work, and this is definitely something that makes me happy, hello and welcome to you ..

First of all, honestly, I did not think that one day I would have a factory of sauces and sweets, but from my childhood I loved to work in the kitchen, and my hobby was to cook fresh in my spare time, at the university I majored in accounting, and after graduation I worked in the General Investment Authority, and praise be to God the job was suitable for my major. The work was light time salary was excellent but I had ambition to complete postgraduate studies, but I was not sure about the field I should specialize.

And when I got married, and I had children ... My Lord gave me a daughter and two sons the most beautiful thing in the world, and God forbid that the two boys are with special needs. The doctors were unable to diagnose the reason of their condition and without a diagnosis that means no treatment. Now all my interest was focused on searching for appropriate treatment and education best for them, and after more than 12 years and  many attempts with the most specialized schools for special needs in Kuwait, I did not receive the attention and education I aspire for, so I decided that I would resign from my job and devote myself to education and treatment for my children.

In 2013, when I quit my job, I had the right time for my children and for myself, and I developed myself more in various fields and practiced my hobbies, including of course the kitchen, and glory be to God the door was opened for me to livelihood that I used to think. when I placed the cheesecake plate in front of my mother’s friends visiting us, one of them loved the dish and requested it for his family on the second day, and the news spread from my house to my house, and I began to participate in exhibitions and of course I opened an Instagram account and recieve orders via WhatsApp.

In 2014, pistachio sauce became widespread in Kuwait, and we were the first to use (pistachio sauce) with cheesecake, and praise be to God it was one of the best products I have. But suddenly the sauce was cut off from the market because one of the local companies monopolized it and paid a large sum to the factory in Italy in exchange. And unfortunately, many companies have been affected by this monopoly. We tried to contact the Kuwaiti company, but they refused to cooperate with us and we visited the factory in Italy, and they refused to make a deal with us because the Kuwaiti company prevented them.

 when I saw that the road is blocked and many stores seemed to lose because of failing to get the sauce, we decided that we are making it ourselves, and after trusting in God and with His help, after several attempts we were able to create the mixture and the taste of the Italian factory with quality and of course the price. I felt that my duty now is that I provide it to all owners and businesses so that they can present it to their customers again, and we made a decision that monopoly is unacceptable, no matter how tempting the offer, and God helped us and we spread in the Gulf through cooperation with the owners of restaurants and shops.